Sunday, June 24, 2012

Linear Title and Amerisave Ripoff Report

It is important to be extra careful when dealing with title companies and mortgage companies these days. There is little regulation protecting consumers, and there are many companies that provide questionable services.

Just recently Linear Title and Amerisave received a ripoff report for an incident. The report documents the trials of a couple using these two companies in the purchase of a new home.

This couple had save up for a home and when the time was right, they applied for a loan through Amerisave. It took two months to approve the loan after all the appropriate documents were submitted.

Once the loan was approved, a notary was sent by the company to sign off on the final paperwork. The wife describes how the notary showed up in an intoxicated state. While notaries might be contracted out, it is a sign of quality control as far as the procedure and screening process of the companies. Nonetheless, the couple proceeded with signing off on the loan documents and waiting on final approval for their home purchase.

However, at this point, they were informed that the paperwork was filled out incorrectly, but Amerisave indicated to them that Linear Title, the title company made the error. When the couple attempted to discuss the issue with Linear Title, they were informed that Amerisave was at fault.

In the end, Linear Title offered to cut their fee in half although they claim they were not at fault.

While this is a compromise that ultimately saved the couple some money in the end, it's still a bad experience. It was important to know where the issue arose. Even though they were able to resolve their errors, no one ever admitted responsibility for the mistake.

This is the type of experience many consumers may want to avoid in the future. Make sure you carefully screen your mortgage and title companies before you contract with them. It may save you some incoveniences and even some money.