Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When Do You Need a Lawyer

Some problems in life can be simple, however there are times when you need some extra help.  The times have passed when one can complete a deal with a handshake or settle and injury with a simple conversation.  We see more and more criminal laws being passed.  Times are changing.

While something as simple as a dispute between friends might be easily resolved with a simple conversation, there are sometimes situations that need a more in depth look.

Here are some questions to ask yourself on whether you need a lawyer to assist you with some advice:

Does your situation involve money?
Even a simple monetary transaction can sometimes require the assistance of a lawyer.  This is especially true when you are talking about an exchange of money at some future time.  Memories can fade or people can change their minds.  Perhaps you need the details written down.  When you have a situation where you are discussing money, you may want to consult with an objective third party.  This not only protects you, but also the other person as well.

Does your situation involve possible criminal liability?
If you look at your situation and you have misgivings about whether it's morally or legally correct.  This is the best time to ask someone who is familiar with the legal system.  Get the answer to your question before you do something that might get you involved with the authorities.  The best thing to do is to be proactive and make sure that you are doing things right before you are in trouble.

Does your situation involve a business deal?
Business is a situation that involves not only money, but a complex relationship.  You want to hammer out all the finer points of your relationship before you complete the transaction.  This ensures that your financial interests are protected.  It also preserves the relationship between the two parties so that disputes in the future don't become personal.

Was there some kind of injury?
If you or someone else was injured, this is the time to ensure that everyone is protected in the future from legal liability.  Even if the injury appears to be minor, there could be long lasting and future consequences.  You can often speak to an attorney and get some free advice on how to make sure everyone is protected in this situation.

What should I look for in a Lawyer?
There are all kinds of specialties in the legal profession.  Much of your selection will be based on the type of problem that you are facing.  But beyond that, you want to look at the qualifications of the attorneys that you retain.  Many law firms such as Business Lawyer Barrie employs attorneys with different areas of expertise so they can assist people with a variety of problems.  You want to look at their reputation in the community.  Go to your state's bar website and look up the attorneys at the law firm.  Take a look at their experience and expertise in your issue.  You can also ask others in the profession for their opinion and recommendation.

There are a variety of resources to assist you in choosing the right lawyers for your problem.  The most important thing is to do your research, stay informed and make sure that your interests are protected.